5 Photo Editing& Design Apps You Need to Try

When the photo has just the right amount of contrast but too much saturation and you don’t know what else to do… try out some of these.


Lightroom CC

First off, drop the VSCO. The only use I’ve gotten from that app is the grain tool. To really up your Instagram game you need Lightroom. You can easily find yourself a nice cheap preset on Etsy, and they’re going to give it to you through this app, and it comes with all the editing tools needed. Now if you’re someone who doesn’t like filters and just likes editing the photo a little this works for you too. With nice light, color, and detail tools its easy. And DEFINITELY go to that optics category and hit “Enable Lens Corrections” its a game changer.


You know when you have that area of your photo that needs a little more light than the rest. Or when just your face needs a little more saturation. Well this is the app for that. Snapseed has this option called “selective” where you can literally select the one spot on your photo and adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation, and structure. It also has a brush tool, and then the basic tune image, white balance, and more.


Canva is hands down one of the best design apps I have used. Literally anything you need to design they have 1000+ templates for. Literally, Instagram story to Soundcloud banner to Wattpad book cover to Groundhog Day cards. These are all categories they already have made and you can just scroll through on the home page.


Unfold is an app made for Instagram stories. It lets you create categories or “a new story” and then provides templates for multiple photos, writing space, etc. It’s simple to use and has a decent amount of free fonts to choose from with additional editing like letter and line spacing, and highlighting the word.


PicsArt has multiple different options. It has templates, video editing, collages, drawing, blank backgrounds, and regular photo editing. For the photo editing it has some similar tools to facetune but not as intense, so things don’t go bad as easily. It has the smooth option, blemish fix, skin tone, teeth whiten, red eye, etc. As well as lens flares, adding a photo on top of one, and creating a small cut out like on photoshop (or snapchat stickers).


xoxo, Londyn!


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