Healthy Nails 101

nail care

Nail health tends to take the backseat in most people’s lives, but nails can tell a lot about an individual’s health. The key to having strong, shiny, long, and healthy nails is a good nail routine.


The saying is true about healthy eating when it comes to what you put into your body. The cleaner you eat, the better off your entire body is, and that goes for hair, skin, and nails. They are all a direct reflection of what you allow to entire your body, so try eating a diet rich in protein and remember to stay hydrated.

If you’re not getting the right nutrition is your diet, try taking vitamins or supplements. Biotin, also known as vitamin B7, can be bought over the counter and is known to prevent nail brittleness.

Be Gentle

Treat your nails gently. The soaps that you use when washing your hands or washing dishes can dry out your nail beds, which ends up making your nails weak and brittle. When shopping for dish washing liquid or hand soaps, try looking for something with fewer harsh chemicals.

The worst thing you can possibly do is become a habitual nail biter, something I had an issue with for years. Once I trained my brain to turn away completely from nail biting, my nails begin to flourish. You can damage your nail beds drastically when biting your nails by biting your nails too low or by tearing a hangnail.

The best thing I think you could do to break a biting habit is give yourself a new nail care routine. Clip and file your nails as short as comfy. Hydrate your cuticles on a daily basis. Keep a file and cuticle serum handy, so when catch yourself biting, you can give yourself a little nail love instead.

Nail/Cuticle Serum

After getting my nails back to normal after years of acrylic; the best thing I could find to help them grow is a nail/cuticle serum. I tried a few different ones but the best one I found is by Olive and June. You can use it after your top coat has dried or on zero polish. They also have a great collection of polishes that actually last longer than three days, that also help your nails grow. 

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