Grave Danger

Grave Danger is a true crime podcast I created that uploads every Tuesday with the perfect brew of research and banter. Digging deep into the blood-curdling nature of every case, Londyn is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. But don’t fret, Áine is taking the petrifying plunge alongside you as she hears the spine-chilling cases for the first time as well. Available anywhere you get your podcasts.

Grave Danger true crime podcast

The Buyer Group

The Buyer Group is an agency owned by Lisa Buyer I created the website for The Buyer Group, as well as updating the blog as regularly as can be done.

the buyer group

Social PR Secrets

I created the website Social PR Secrets, where Lisa Buyer hosts her weekly podcast episodes. I also work on uploading these podcast episodes each week as well as promoting them on socials.

Digital Detox Secrets

I was given the opportunity to create the website Digital Detox Secrets, the podcast, and design the book cover. This was one of my proudest projects I have worked on and there is so much to show for it.

Female Disruptors

Female Disruptors’s  mission is to spotlight women who are disruptors in their space. I created the website for Female Disruptors, as well as updating the blog as regularly as can be done.

FD AD Collage.png
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