Must-Watch Netflix Shows and Movies (That Aren’t Mainstream)


When trying to find a new show or movie to watch on Netflix, you only get the classics. Like “The Office,” “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before,” and “Stranger Things.” These are all hands-down a safe pick that will always be good, but sometimes you just want to watch something different. 

After spending an extensive amount of time watching Netflix, I have come to the conclusion that these are some of the best, underrated shows on there.



This show follows the journey of a teenage boy that’s on the autism spectrum, who has decided to start dating and needs more independence to do so. It shows his ups and downs with falling in love with his therapist and trying to make himself like someone his own age, all while talking about penguins the entire time.


“Sex Education”

This is not your typical show of high schoolers just going through life. This show includes a boy named Otis, so unable to confront his own desire that he can’t masturbate, with a sex therapist mother who likes to talk about these problems at breakfast. His best friend that is opening up to his sexuality, and his new friend that is pushing Otis to become a sex therapist for people at school. 



This movie features a successful cam girl that has her principals until her account gets taken over by a look-alike. She then sets out to identify the culprit and reclaim her own identity. “Cam” passes up the easy and obvious explanation route during the movie and goes toward a more satisfying, sinister ending. It’s less about how technology can be weaponized and more on how vulnerable people can feel when their online identities are taken.


“The Society” 

This is a newer show about a class trip that had to turn around due to weather but never returned to their actual home. When they return everyone else has vanished. They can’t leave the town and their phones only work to contact each other. They have to form a society of their own with the resources they do have left, and the drama of people still rebelling. 


“The End of the F***ing World”

This show was interesting to watch unfold from the beginning. It follows the inner monologue of a 17-year old boy who is convinced he’s a sociopath. He has decided he wants to kill someone, so he pretends to fall in love with the new girl. They end up running away together and go into a crime spree that brings them closer together.



This show is in Brazilian Portuguese but if you can handle Netflix’s English transition not aligning with their mouths, it’s a must-see. It takes place in the distant future where most of the population lives in poverty. But they have created a virtual paradise that only the ones who pass (and survive) the extensive tests will be able to get to, the 3%. 



I have to admit; this movie definitely surpassed my expectations of it. It’s about a woman who gets kidnapped and confined to a tiny room and ends up having her kidnapper’s child. The son lives his whole life from birth in this room, without even knowing there is a world outside of it. On his fifth birthday, the mother begins plotting a way for them to escape.


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